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We have worked for the top brands and government institutions in the USA from Dept of Defense to Discover channel host Peter Nielsen in our 9 years in business. You are in a good company!

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Collaboration strategy for Mobile Development

Let your business lead the way in a highly competitive market in the US. Build a robust app solution with the latest technologies to incorporate the latest features in your app.


A Discovery Call

There's a lot that we do before actually starting the project. We do market research and analysis, understand the competitive landscape, understand and document clients design and branding preferences, consult with all the key stakeholders to discuss and discover what you would like to accomplish through mobile application development.


Planning and Researching

From the initial discovery call, we try to collect as much as possible details on where you would like to stand to the end of our initial phase collaboration. The collected details will be used by our experts to research and propose an adequate plan and scope of work for your project. Researching and documenting industry leading practice and approaching your problem in-depth will lead to an proposal delivery that you will either accept or reject.


Proof-of-concept by prototype

Before purchasing a car, you would generally want to test drive it to have some level of confidence in the design and functionality. Unlike other companies that don't let you see your product until the end of the project, we do an analogy to test-driving a car, and come up with a functional prototype before even starting the development. Our professional UI/UX developer will take about 2 weeks to come up with a Figma project for you to have a first look.


Development & Testing

Once you go through our proof-of-concept, our assigned team of developers will start their work and keep you updated at least twice a week on the progress of your project. Depending on the scale and size of the project, we involve people at least 5 people: Project Manager, Software Architect, UI/UX Designer, QA Tester, and a Developer, and with their hard work it generally takes about 2-4 months to complete the project.


Training & Integration / Marketing Help

Once we make sure that your project is complete and the software is fully functional and all the features are just as you desired when you started collaborating with us, we will start the training and system integration process if you are a business owner to ensure a smooth transition to your new ecosystem. If you are a start-up founder, integration and training will not be a necessity for you and we help with your applications's monetization and marketing strategies with the help of our partners such as HubSpot, ZoomInfo etc.


We are a trusted technology partner for recognized brands


Meet a few of our happy clients


"I like how their dev team is a subject matter expert on anything tech related...Best dev company..."

CEO, D.B. Taxi

D.B. Taxi benefitted from Comston's Web Development and Marketing services


"Our company scaled quite a bit and operations improved significantly after we collaborated with Comston."

Operations Manager, Kings Mountain National Carriers

All-in-one web/mobile ERP software for KMNC operations.


"I appreciate how they approach their customers. There was no trouble in communication and delivery of the service."


Full-scale digital transformation with an ERP system and a mobile management software.

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Consultancy & Research

Our consulting team will reach out to schedule a brief scoping call to understand exactly what you're building



Once we clearly understand your build plan, we’ll send you a detailed proposal explaining the full scope of work to be delivered



Once you approve of our proposal, we will assign a product manager and team of developers who will work with you every step of the way



You’ll enjoy daily and weekly check-ins until your app is live as well as the ongoing support and iteration from there


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